We act with intense and positive energy, by which we are encouraged to take the risks. We kept challenges ourselves earlier to do the best with pride of heritage.


We put the development of our people first.  They are treated as respected and actively promoted to raise own selves to contribute best effort.


We are a team, so, we don’t effort to make any mistake. Where the role and responsibilities are defined by the policy, but acting is not limited to, because the team AOL is stands on running together.

Customer Focus

The world has been explored through the eyes of our customers. So, the theme is to do make them happy in any context and our all dedication with positive gratitude is always reserved to our honorable customers.

Excellence in Execution

Execution is the key of winning and from the beginning, the team AOL has been crossing the hurdles successfully to execute the plan as per principle.


We don’t run our business against the cost of human morality or ethical values. On the other hand, we are always stands on constant principle.


The umbrella of AOL is the part of solution of problem, that means acting like owners and have a positive cooperation to others.


Neither any assignment has been continuing, nor any role has been acting without justification.  We don’t believe only on result, but we are very much concern regarding the whole process with our principle. The team AOL is not only well capable to take the risk and responsibilities, but also capable to execute with excellence and accountability.