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Agro Organica is a Bangladesh based premier food processor and marketer step up in 2011 striving to bring flavorsome food products to market, helping people to eat better & healthier. Best quality and hygiene with these unique selling propositions Agro Organica initiated diversified product line including best quality rice, pulse, spices and dry fish products. Our packaging has been designed to dazzle on retail shelves and match the quality of our products. Henceforth customers get the delicious taste and exotic flavor of our products, their heartfelt gratification would make them love our brands.

Our Brands

KHUSBOO is a trade mark brands that owns Jelly, Pickale, Spice,Saffron, Rice,Souce and Isabgol product.

KHATI is the name of trust that we care.

PROTODIN is one of the media channel for our company.

VILLAGE is the name of Pride that farmers do.


Agro Organica believes that a set of skilled professionals is one of the most valuable assets for an organization. There are almost 500 people work with Agro Organica at various positions in our head office, manufacturing plants and warehouse.

We offer friendly working environment where everyone feels comfortable, and find their contribution in the progress of Agro Organica. We often offer workshop and lecture session, so that Agro Organica work force may get the opportunity to reach their potential and use their talent. Agro Organica is committed to enabling our every employee to learn and develop his or her role.

Our Products

Our products help people reach their full potential at every age and through every life stage. We create more possibilities for more people through the power of health – for infants, children and adults.

Our products that you trust. And we are bound to keep you trust Organic.

Our Products including Jelly, Pickale, Spice, Saffron, Rice, Souce and Isabgol are self sustained and Healthy for mankind. We always care about healthy food and food habits. In Organica we make our product under our privilege and governance with respect to Purity of our product.

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Chairman’s Message

The foodstuffs processing and marketing business is one of the most complex and risky commercial activities due to two main factors. The fall of production by natural calamities and fluctuation of price significantly higher the possibility of financial loss. Despite this precarious environment, the Agro Organic Pvt. Ltd. (AOL) has established its setup focusing on the commitment to provide the Premium quality food to enhance the lives and well-being of people.

Md. Zia uddin


Passion for excellence, this passion, in turn, drives us to develop the optimal products for our consumers

Commitment to maintain the highest level of professional and ethical standards.

Explore new segments of market and cater it

Incorporating feedback from customers and continuous improvement in everything we do.

Enhance the strength and skill of the organization that will contribute to company’s increasing growth both in domestic and global markets.

Mission Vision

Our mission is to bring the grain and spices to customer with its full freshness and test. With modern technology keep the product in high quality package so when it reaches to the customer they can test it to its full aroma.

The vision of Agro Organica extends well beyond agro based commodity sales. Our objective is to bonding people and food cultures across the world through highest grade products of Agro Organica.


Ensuring farmers’ benefits
We collects raw products from bright farmers and other reliable originating sources, which we know by name. Our dedicated and expert professionals consistently keep relation with farmers and foreign traders. We are very keen to ensure our local farmers’ benefits by assisting them all the way of cultivation to harvesting.

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Food quality is a subject of increasing concern, the matter of implementing high quality standards poses very demanding challenges to the food processing industries around the world. Quality and nutrition policies are anintegral part of Agro Organica, since our inception. We are proud of our dedicatedcommitment to provide safe, superiorquality, nutritious food products that enhance the lives and well-beingof people.

Besides Agro Organica received ISO 9001:2008 certifications which authenticate our proficiency in quality management system.

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